Teaching and learning


Teaching and learning vision       

Our Vision for Teaching and Learning at Payne Road State School.

Our students are:

  • Leaders
  • Respectful with an understanding of rights and responsibilities to themselves, their community and environment
  • Creative
  • Thinkers
  • Resilient and brave
  • Confident to believe in themselves and be ready for high school
  • Self motivated – to be naturally curious and have a passion for learning
  • High academic achievers
  • Tolerant – responsive and friendly to others.

Our teachers:

  • Know and respond to our students – nurture students and communicate well as a team and with parents to support diverse student needs
  • Have a dedicated team approach where they readily share information and resources for the benefit of students.
  • Have a strong professional relationship with parents
  • Produce strong academic results
  • Add value to the rich home lives of our students
  • Value professional learning. 

Current priorities

  • Curriculum Framework aligned with Australian Curriculum
  • Implement Spelling program and Science program.  Develop draft English and MathsSchool programs aligned with Australian Curriculum
  • Engagement of students through a focus on Science and Technology
  • Maximising achievement in Writing and Spelling
  • Develop strategies to extend students in the early years.
  • Review School Assessment and Reporting Framework
  • Develop use of OneSchool for Planning, Timetabling, Assessment and Reporting
  • Develop strategies to assist students to monitor their own learning and to set goals for future learning
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to share expert teaching practice.  

Distinctive curriculum offerings       

Our Curriculum offerings include:

  • Earth Smart Science School - sustainability focus throughout our school programs
  • Music – Specialist Music teacher, Instrumental Music including concert band (brass, woodwind and percussion) from Year 5, Strings from Year 3.
  • Health and Physical Education – specialist teacher, interschool sport and swimming
  • Library lessons – specialist teacher
  • Bright Sparks enrichment program for Years 4-7
  • Camping Program for Years 4-7 (Year 4- Underwater World, Year 5 – Mapleton, Year 6 and 7 Moreton Island)
  • Year 5 are involved with Catchment Creek Kids in conjunction with SOWN
  • Specialist Primary Science Facilitator support for classrooms.
  • Science – Science Week activities including a Science Fair are held annually
  • Scientist in Schools – Dr Fred Meunier (UQ Brain Institute)
  • English – Spelling Competitions and Spellathon are held annually
  • Artist in residence programs
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) – Chinese for Year 6 and 7 students
  • Inclusive Education – Our Learning Support program caters for students from Year One to Year 7 and our Special Education Program caters for students from Prep to Year 7
  • English as a Second Language Teacher
  • Experience based curriculum opportunities with excursions and incursions integral to learning in classrooms.  
Last reviewed 11 February 2020
Last updated 11 February 2020