Vision & Core Values



“The local school of choice meeting the needs, interests and wellbeing of a collaborative school community”

“We embrace a love of learning and focus on the whole child”

We foster creativity and ingenuity

Every child has an eagerness to learn and engage in the world around them.  At Payne Road State School we foster this love of learning by providing students with opportunities to engage with their learning through academic, creative and athletic pursuits.  Our Teachers develop authentic and quality curriculum and support all learners to engage in that curriculum.  Our classrooms are flexible learning spaces where children interact positively with Teachers, support staff, parents, other volunteers and their peers in order to share ideas and solve learning problems.  Teachers look for innovative ways to deliver their curriculum and engage with the school environment beyond the classroom.  Parents and the community are active members in the learning, bringing expertise in a range of fields and real world connections to enhance opportunities.

We celebrate learning

The Payne Road State School community is proud of the achievements of all our students.  We celebrate the achievements of students who, regardless of ability, are positive about their learning.  We foster respectful, inclusive practices across all year levels to support students and offer opportunities for all students to succeed.  We have developed a well-resourced learning environment through the support of our community that reflects the high regard for children and their learning.

We build a respectful learning environment

As a whole school community we respect one another and recognise the part we all play in the growth of our children.  The children reflect this respect through their interactions with their Teachers and their peers.  We have a strong values program that strengthens the respect that the community holds for the children of Payne Road State School.  We develop future leaders who exhibit our high expectations of learning and behaviour at Payne Road and beyond in their future pursuits.

We empower the learning community

Teachers, staff and students are engaged positively in the work that they do at Payne Road State School.  Through organisational and collaborative practices we have empowered our Teachers to be proficient educators who explore new ways of bringing the best out of their students.  The community has supported the resourcing of learning environments and has engaged positively with our staff to ensure that everyone is well informed about what is best for all the students.  We value open, frequent and respectful communication to ensure the wellbeing of our school community.


We value developing the whole child.  We demonstrate this through:

We work together to create an environment where children are happy and engaged in quality learning.  To do this we balance kindness and empathy with courage and honesty in order to build trust between children, teachers and community members.  We show respect towards ourselves, others and our environment.
We value learning that encourages children to develop their thinking.    We value learning that provides a solid foundation for their role in the world.  We want our children to grow in mind and body, to enjoy the discovery of new ideas and ways of doing things.  We encourage and foster innovative thinking that leads us to discover and grow new ways of teaching and learning in order for our children to achieve their best.
We encourage children, staff and parents to be industrious and strive to achieve their personal best.  We constantly strive to aim ever higher and do better from wherever we start.  We value tenacity in order to achieve our goals.
We enjoy coming together as a community to celebrate learning and success.  We celebrate diversity of ability, background and culture.  We show appreciation and acknowledge achievement.
Last reviewed 09 March 2022
Last updated 09 March 2022