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Why choose our school?


About academic results

"We particularly noted your school's consistently high performance in these tests and commend you and your staff for your commitment in helping students achieve high level literacy and numeracy standards."

Premier Anna Bligh (regarding 2011 NAPLAN results)


"The school is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning."

Curriculum Auditor

A parent's perspective

"The program's success is highlighted by how seemlessly it works with minimal disruption to the class and teacher.  Although I knew there were children with special needs in the class, the methods employed by the staff were obviously so well done, they have just blended into the classroom...I firmly believe this would not be possible without the help of the staff provided and the obvious training they have (been) given within a working system...With each child having individual special needs, the staff just seem to know what to do to make it work for their particular situation.  I have watched the staff work with relaxed confidence that comes with the right training and effective collaboration as a team...

Secondly, and probably the most important, I have seen the amazing transformation of the special needs children over my time spent in the classroom.  Without any personal experience in this area, it has changed my mindset as to what is possible and just how important it is to have this foundation extablished early in a child's development.  I have seen it can radically change these children's lives so they have an opportunity to also make a difference.  To view these children now, six months on, sitting for the entire lesson absorbed and learning with everyone else, is a testimony to the system provided at Payne Road State School."


About our parent workshops

"Thank-you for providing the parent workshop last night... I spent this morning teaching my kids all about halves and circles/ semi circles while preparing them toasted muffins for breakfast! They loved it, and I'm definately inspired to do more! is very much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to learning much more from you and the staff at PRSS."


"I would like to extend a huge thank you for the workshop last night. I found it very interesting and useful and I am very impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff - I walked away feeling quite excited about my son starting school next year! Kind Regards, Linda
Thank you so very kindly for the wonderful information you presented last night at the parenting workshop. You and your colleagues provided an extraordinary amount of useful tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration over a range of subjects that any parent could easily understand and apply to their own household. As the parent of a particularly bright little spark, the discussion served well to reinforce the philosophy and meaning behind the activities we engage in at home, as well as offer new directions in which I can potentially lead my child.
I was very pleased - and grateful - to hear how the school actively supports all levels of learning, wherever possible. However, for me, the most impressive part of the evening was just witnessing the simple, unmasked passion that so clearly motivates the educators who so graciously gave up their time and expertise last night.
My thanks to you all for offering such an important workshop, and for working so hard to infuse a love of learning in both children and parents alike. I look forward to bringing the rest of the family to meet you once 2012 Prep enrolments open."